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Boeing 727 Exhaust FirePit

Made out of the tailpipe and fan ring from a Boeing 727 jet engine, this fire pit is almost 10 feet tall. The accent panels are made of stainless steel and feature the Boeing logo, a silhouette of the airplane the parts came from, and the "727" numbers.


Coffee Table Set - SOLD!

This table set is made from a main wheel rim and two nose wheel rims off of a Boeing 727. Custom glass and fabricated bases, all stripped


Slat Bench - SOLD!

This 10 foot long bench is made out of 2 leading edge slats from a Boeing 727. The seating area has been polished and the support frame and back of the bench have been painted off white.


Conference Table - In Progress

This conference table will be made from a Boeing 727 flap that has all access panels removed and replace with glass so that all the internal mechanisms and structure can be seen.  IMAGES COMING SOON

Sunset from the Airplane Window
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