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With over a decade of experience in aviation, we have acquired an in-depth knowledge of how
to run and manage an aircraft maintenance check efficiently and deliver on time. 

We have had the opportunity to manage and assist in many routine and heavy maintenance checks, including Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletin modifications, structural repairs, engine changes, landing gear replacements, inspections and many other technical requests.


Commercial Aviation


General Aviation


Aircraft Detailing

We do both general aviation and also commercial aircraft. No matter how big or small you set of wings are, we are able to keep it in the air.

With type training on Embraer, Boeing and Airbus aircraft gives us a diverse profile in which
we will be able to provide all that you are looking for. Whether it be looking to purchase an aircraft or managing the maintenance of your current aircraft. 

Not only do we support the aircraft that we are endorsed on, we also have experience with several other aircraft types in which we can be an asset. Some additional types of aircraft that we have worked on are Fokker, Dornier, Gulfstream and McDonnell Douglas (MD) and Douglas (DC).

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We've Moved!

We have purchased a hangar and property at the Wingham Airport, CPR7! 


Our new location has a 40ft by 80ft hangar on private property and direct access to a paved 4000ft by 70ft runway at CPR7.

It is now possible to have your aircraft be parked safe and secure inside while we work on getting you and your aircraft back in the air safely.

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